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Creativity is Good for the Soul

I love beach combing. I have my favorite beaches for each of the types of treasure I like to find, or things I like to do. One of my favorite hidden beaches never ceases to amaze me with the treasures it provides. The above partially polished abalone shell piece is an example of one of the gifts the sea has given me. I recently decided to turn my love for shell seeking and beautiful silver jewelry into a creative venture and started a shop on Etsy. I have shared several of my favorite pieces by creating beautiful necklaces with them.

The end result was one of a kind pieces of art using Red Abalone, which is naturally sourced and shaped by the sea. I like keeping the pieces in their most natural state, the way the ocean has designed them. I added a coating of apoxy to protect them and bring out their colors which fade slightly when dry. The above pendant is a rare mix of polished and unpolished abalone resembling the merging of the sand and sea.

I believe sea polished abalone shell pieces are the ocean's way of creating art from loss. It is a beautiful reminder of the circle of life and how nature can make something wonderful out of death. The abalone has been used for it's delicious meat since the Native Americans arrived here on the coast. The amazing thing about this mollusk is that not only is it an incredible food source, but hidden beneath the meat lies a rainbow colored treasure in the shell. Native Americans learned the safest way to cut the shell is with water. The ocean has perfected this technique. If I could combine my love of beach combing and creating art into a lucrative business, I will have achieved a perfect dream. :).

To see some of my creations please visit my Etsy shop here.

Or, shop and purchase from Amazon using the links below:

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