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Eat Healthy and Still Pay The Rent

How to Afford Eating Healthy

Eat Healthy and Still Pay The Rent.

It is no secret that what we eat is a critical foundation of our wellness. There are massive numbers of blogs, articles and videos detailing the science and the options from vegan plant-based, to paleo to Mediterranean to keto. The list is endless. No matter what the program there is a simple fundamental principle. Use organic, non-GMO products and ingredients whenever possible or at the very least high quality and minimally processed from a reputable source. This message can quickly turn elitist for many of us who struggle to pay the monthly rent. But eating healthy does not have to be the realm of the 10%. There is hope for the rest of us. Here are some tips.

Go big or go home. Buying in bulk, bogo, coupons are all ways to stock up on stuff with a long shelf life. No room for storage – get creative. This author current lives in a tiny shoe box studio, and amazingly, where a 32 oz jug of olive oil will fit. You might find our blog post on Living Small of interest.

Seasonal and frozen. Pay attention. Buy what is fresh and plentiful right now. Local produce, and wild caught seafood are particularly seasonal. Don’t get stuck on must have dishes – be creative and go with the seasonal flow. If you have the freezer space, bulk frozen is a great alternative to seasonal price fluctuation.

Grow your own. You don’t need a magic touch or a big property. Some plants like tomatoes and squash practically grow themselves even in a pot, indoors or out. And depending on climate, may produce year round. A little more space and country spirit – build a chicken coop and fenced area for foraging. Free range eggs are the best.

Web stores for masses. Thanks to growing awareness and demand, several web stores offer more affordable prices than typical local high end boutique food markets. Walmart may be controversial, but amazingly many non-perishable organic and high quality food items can be ordered online, at way lower prices than local markets, with free shipping for a modest order size.

Two great web sources for ordering organic, gluten free and high quality food at more affordable prices are the Amazon Market, especially since Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017, and Thrive Market, which is totally dedicated to food products.

Resist the argument you cannot afford to eat healthy. It can be done and you deserve it! If you would like to support our blog please browse the amazing selection of organic foods below available on the Amazon Market. Thank you!

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