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Four Fresh Recipe Ideas

Simple is better.

Four Fresh Recipe Ideas. Simple is Better.

We all know fresher tastes better, but did you know sometimes it is a whole lot less expensive as well?

“Processed foods not only can change the structure of the food but also can increase the cost due to the labor involved.”

Fresh Recipe Ideas

If you are growing your own produce, buying from a local merchant or farmer, or using one of the many economical online sources, throwing together great recipes will be easy.

Whether it's Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner these recipes are simple and delicious

Poached Eggs with Vegetables and Goat Cheese

Ingredients: Cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, eggs and goat cheese. Wash tomatoes and spinach and sauté them in a pan with a little olive oil or butter. At the same time begin boiling water in a saucepan. Once the boil is gentle, crack as many eggs as you want to eat/

into the water and let boil for about 3 minutes. When your veggies are sautéed turn off the heat and wait for the eggs to get done. Once they are poached to your liking, remove from pot, place on a plate (mop up leftover water with a paper towel), drop some goat cheese (or other cheese) on top of them and let melt a bit. Add the veggies and enjoy!

Easy seasonal soup:

Begin by buying what is in season and then get creative. For winter, potatoes of all types are in season. Broccoli, yams, cabbage also are winter veggies. Carrots and celery are always in season. Pick whatever vegetables you like and chop them up and throw into your pot of boiling water (Note: color variance can be fun) for about 15 minutes. add chicken or veggie broth, onions, garlic and salt, oil or butter and spices to your taste. Can't decide on spices, then don't add them. The broth is very flavorful even by itself.

Cook another 10 minutes or until your vegetables are cooked to the consistency you desire. Tip: Prick them with a fork. If vegetables are easily punctured, your soup is done. Get creative and you can make something amazing in a very short time!

Arugula Pizza

Ingredients: Arugula, pesto, pita bread, olive oil, tomatoes, lemon and pine nuts.

Spread fresh pesto on pita bread, toast in toaster oven or oven till slightly crunchy.

Chop tomatoes

In bowl combine: Tomatoes, arugula, 1-2 T olive oil and pine nuts.

Squeeze about a quarter to half lemon into mixture.


Take pita out of oven and top with contents of bowl.


Grilled or baked sweet potato recipe:

Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes and or yams, garlic, sea salt, fresh parsley, olive oil.

Cut 3-4 sweet potatoes and or yams into 3rds length wise leaving skin on.

In a bowl add: 5 minced garlic cloves, a few chopped sprigs of parsley, about a teaspoon of sea salt and 1-2 T of olive oil and mix.

Put potato pieces in bowl and generously coat each slice with mixture.

Place coated slices on tin foil either on the hot grill or in the oven at about 450.

Cook for 3 minutes, then rotate to different side, cook another 3 minutes, repeat for last time and then they are ready to eat! These are SOOOO good you will be amazed! We eat these as a meal or as a compliment to grilled chicken, ribs or steak.

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