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Mining Nuggets of Joy Every Day

Many days can be overwhelming. Be Mindful of Nuggets of Joy that are all around us.

Mining Nuggets of Joy.  Be mindful they are all around.

For many, if not for most of us, our days are filled with stress and anxiety from the moment we wake up till we fall into an often-troubled sleep. Covid has only exacerbated things! The pattern repeats with alarming frequency. There are many expert articles and videos addressing stress reduction, better sleep, depression and other related symptoms. One of the many techniques recommended by the experts is to be more aware of each moment of each day, a concept coined as "mindfulness" or "being mindful". Much of the mindful discussion is around inward awareness to identify stress triggers and head them off in advance.

There is another aspect of mindfulness that is simple but is often ignored in our outward perception of the world. These are the small joyful moments happening every second of every day, many of them around us in plain sight, if we just cast off the many blinders that stress and anxiety put on our perception. Like a prospector panning for gold we need to mine these nuggets of joy at every opportunity. Finding one can have an instant and amazing effect to relieve that stress and put a smile on your face. Itself often contagious to people around you even if total strangers - who themselves may well be having a bad day.

A nugget a joy comes in many forms. The list is endless but here are a just a few recent joy nuggets mined by the author. A toddlers questioning glance, a dog creatively scratching its back, a fleeting cloud in the form of a white buffalo, a friends spontaneous and beautiful laugh, a waft of fresh baked cookies.....

Don't settle for mining just one nugget a day. There is no daily limit - the more the better! Stress and anxiety have a nasty tendency to creep back in and a steady supply of joy nuggets is a great equalizer to cast out those dark thoughts.

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