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Rainy Days and Holiday Craze

The Gifts of Covid

Toddler splashing in puddles of water at the beach during the Covid pandemic
Children enjoy nature's gifts even in a Pandemic

Remember when you were a kid and rain meant puddle jumping, mud pies, playing till you were wet and cold, then going in for hot chocolate by the fire place? Remember Christmas was magical and stress free? I think that’s how it still should be. As adults, rain means cleanup, driving under sometimes treacherous conditions, not wanting to go outside… Holidays mean stress, demands, pressures, financial burdens and social obligations…Well, guess what? The Covid Pandemic has erased all that grownup nonsense. Not socializing means no obligations, stress or demands, within reason. If you have children, you still have some expectations put upon you, or should I say, Santa does? But relatively speaking, gifts can be bought online. Time spent with the children is far more important than receiving things and is invaluable. Maybe if Covid has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that we can live without all the hustle and bustle and moving around that we thought we could not. It has taught us to spend time with the ones we love again, to set aside the pressures and demands from the outside world and to live, and love, inside our own tiny bubble. Covid has brought many bad things, but it has brought families back together, and basically taken us back 150 years to the way things used to be. Times were simpler then. People stayed home more, were self sufficient, appreciated the small things. This pandemic can be seen as bad, or we can embrace the good it also has brought about. Put on your goulashes, raincoat and grab an umbrella. Go stomp in the puddles with the ones you love. It doesn’t matter if you buy gifts. The gift is in the moment. The moment is now. Enjoy it.

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