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The Taste of Toes

AKA: The Flavor of Baby Feet

Cute baby with toes in mouth
Babies love the taste of their toes

How wonderful would it be to be able to stick ones toes in ones mouth? Well, actually, I guess it would depend on how they taste....

Toe tasting is an important milestone. Babies 4-8 months old may do this and are so delighted with themselves. Clearly toes taste good. I've tasted baby toes and I have to say, in general, they taste adorable. But it's more than the taste of the toes. When babies start to stick their toes in their mouth it's a very important developmental stage. Playing with feet helps babies to develop coordination, stimulate sensory and motor skills, stretch, exercise, and discover themselves. It's precious to watch for us adults, and it's vital to their emotional and physical development. It is also very soothing to little ones.

This stage is such a precious time for photos and just plain enjoyment. I mean, who gets tired of seeing a cute little thing attempting to stick it's toes in it's mouth with all the cuteness and sounds.... Little known fact, that sucking air sound, that in my family we like to call the "baby moose call," is a babies attempt at laughter. It comes out funny because their little larynxes are still small and floppy at this age creating a hilarious sound that's unexpected and makes me giggle uncontrollably! Babies are SO much fun!

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