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Ye Olde Cheerio

Life's little unexpected pleasures and inspirations

Several Cheerios lying on table with one cheerio with a heart shaped hole
The inspiration of Cheerios

I need a bookmark. I have just read something amazing in my Bible and I want to remember it. I look around me and all I can find close by is an old cheerio. That will not do, but is a reflection of my life. I need something flat, I have something round. I need to pay bills, I have no money. I need to clean, I’m just too tired. Life. When did it get this way? I look further in the room… flat, flat, flat. Ah! My “I voted” sticker. The prize I got in my ballot envelope for taking the time to scribble in the boxes in hopes for a better future for all. That will work. Now I know that whenever I want to know how to handle a problem, not of my own making, I just need to look for that “I voted” sticker. How ironic. LOL

Inspiration is found in many unexpected places. For example, the above photo of the cheerios.... That little heart in place of the "O" in the cheerio was a sweet blessing, and an inspiration for the photo, and this blog. I just never know what will inspire me, but the little gifts that show up all the time are so appreciated, and so unexpected. I value each and every one of them.

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